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Bellamkon^a which were on the south of that river. Placing
10,000 horse, 50,000 foot, lOv elephants, cannon and b&gas
under the command ot Saya Sao, a Brahman in his
service, he ordered him to lead the expedition. Accordingly
Raya Rao with all accoutrements of war proceeded by forced
marches, and crossing the Kr&na. he captured Yinukonda
and B'illamkonda after severe fighting. Next he proceeded to
Nagarjrmakonda and annexed the I'lacerla s~ima. His success
against these three hill forts encouraged him to invest the land
fort of Koccerlakota which he took, after expellin-/ the Velamas
who were in possession of it. Then he seized the land forts of
Addanki, Animaaabrolu, Kandnknru, Podili, Darsi, Karabham?
Kakarla, Dupadu, Tangeda, C-hirizala, Ketavarani, and
Kodepudi one after another ; tin ally, hs laid sit-ge to Konda-
vfdu and pressed the garrison hard. Yeingoti Timmana, the
commandant of the Raya, having received as bribe ' brass
bage ' of mrahas. surrendered the fort, and handed over the
keys to Raya Rao, the commander of the Padugah's forces on
S.S. 1502, Vikrama. Vaisakha An 15 (April 29, A.D. 1580.)

Kaifiyat of Kondawdv : Mae. Mss. 15-4-40, pp. 24-25.
200 (d).

The Muhammadans made Siiranga the rnler of this
country, and handed over to him the fort of Penisgonda, on
condition that he would pay them some money, rirlrangaraja
being seated on the Jewelled-throne at Penugonda ruled over
Murikinadn, Siddhavatam, and Renadn included in the district
of Grandikota. He allowed Brahmans and temples to enjoy the
lands granted to them as before.

of Cuddapak : L.R. 8, p. 130.

,/hen Veingoti Rangappa was ruling the district of
Ernva, Dasariraju Kondrajtl, and his brothers, Anna Venkata-
raju and Timmarajn, rose to prominence, and having defeated
u* battle the Hande and Sari chiefs seized the estate of the